Samsung SUHD Introduces Peak Illuminator Ultimate

Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung is constantly trying to introduce new technology and this is quite clear when looking at the new Samsung SUHD TV Line. It is a name that makes it seem as if we are faced with a brand new technology that was invented by the company but the truth is that we are faced with something a little old, ultra high definition, with various extra improvements that do bring in great improvements. Peak Illuminator Ultimate is one of those extra features that you want to learn more about, making new movies like Jurassic World looking a lot better than with a regular TV set.

Peak Illuminator Ultimate basically refers to HDR (high dynamic range), which was designed in order to enhance color contrast. This is definitely the one picture quality characteristic that is the most important. At the end of the day, we are faced with images that are more realistic because of the included 10-bit LCD panels and a brighter image offered by the Samsung SUHD displays.

In a similar way to the expanded color gamuts, Samsung’s included HDR viewing possibility is not too widely available at the moment. It will appear thanks to the investments made by various online streaming sources like Amazon and Netflix and the growing popularity of 4k Blu-Ray content. Both of these are great sources to take advantage of HDR.

In conclusion, Samsung’s HDR technology is called Peak Illuminator Pro or Peak Illuminator Ultimate. The Ultimate option is basically found in the curved JS9500 Samsung SUHD series, which employ what is known as full array local dimming. The Pro variation has edge-lit local diming. It is included in the cheaper Samsung SUHD TV sets like JS8500 flat or JS9000 curved.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung SUHD TV sets are not going to be compatible with Dolby Vision HDR. Just the Vizio Reference series will be able to cover that.