Best laptops for business

For the past several years, many business people haven’t been confined to an office, as advancements in mobile technology have made work possible from almost anywhere. These days, the question isn’t whether an employee, executive, entrepreneur, or freelancer will get a laptop; it’s simply a matter of what make and model they will get, and when.

Here are a few of the features that mobile business people might need in some of the best laptops for business…

A 2-in-1 Offers the Best of Both Worlds


what do the best laptops for business contain?

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Tablets have steadily gained popularity since their commercial release, and now there are several 2-in-1 combinations available. These machines can function as either a tablet or a laptop, and the versatility is an attractive lure for the traveling business person — or one who is constantly on the go at home. The best 2-in-1 laptops have two things in common: they are light and they are powerful. Memory and disk storage space are also important factors, particularly for someone who works with large and complex files, such as graphics, video, or audio.

Don’t Underestimate Keyboard Design

People often forget to consider a really important part of any computer: the functionality and design of the keyboard. For someone who is a writer, or responsible for creating written documents, the keyboard is more than just an accessory. A laptop with a backlit keyboard can save the day — or the night — by providing extra light to enable work before a deadline. Ideally, keys should have adequate spacing, access to function keys should be easy, and the entire board should be spillproof. An accountant would appreciate a separate USB or wireless numeric keypad as well.

Long Battery Life May Save Your Work Life

There aren’t many frustrations that rival the emotion one feels while in a meeting, poised to take important notes — and the battery indicator emits a short, shrill warning to plug in or else. That’s why long battery life is important. The average laptop battery charge lasts between three and five hours, which can spell disaster for a long work day. Though there are tips to extend battery life, the best thing is to buy a laptop with long battery life. Some laptops can run for up to 16 hours on a charge, which is an amazing option for someone whose work takes them away from electrical outlets.

Research Security Options

Many laptops come with firewalls and security software already installed. Reputable antivirus software can protect your device from malware that can harm your system and ultimately destroy your work. Make sure you are familiar with the type of antivirus software that is most appropriate for your computer and for the type of work you do. If you keep confidential health, financial, or client records, you should invest in cloud or network security to protect that valuable information. Finally, be careful to know the difference between useful programs and adware.

You Can’t Have Too Many Ports

There are many devices that can connect to laptops and tablets: phones, external hard drives, flash drives, cameras. At any given moment, a business person might have to download or upload information to his computer. In those cases, a laptop with just one USB port has no place to plug in an HDMI or VGA cable. Also consider audio jacks and smartcard readers. Numerous and varied connections will make a business machine more valuable.

Get a Quality Display

Finally, a quality screen will make the difference between a happy worker and someone who dreads opening their laptop because it’s difficult to view anything well. Any type of designer, videographer, artist, musician, or anyone else in a creative line of work needs a good display. Research not only the size of the screen, but also color quality, resolution, and the sensitivity of the touch screen.

A laptop is a valuable tool for any business person, whether entry-level or executive, entrepreneur or freelancer. Someone in the market for a new laptop, tablet, or 2-in-1 laptop should carefully consider the variety of features needed for the type of work they will be doing.