The Best Social Networking Apps Beyond Facebook

Twitter is one of the Best Social Networking Apps if you are looking for a Facebook alternative ... photo by CC user OpenClipartVectors on pixabay

If you have a smartphone, you can link your phone to your Facebook account. This lets you receive notifications when someone sends you a message, tags you or posts something on your wall, but you can also use the app to view the pages of your friends. Though the Facebook app is one of the best social networking apps, there are a few others you might want to download to your smartphone.


Though Twitter limits the amount of content you can include in a tweet, you may still have a hard time keeping up with the posts of everyone you follow. Downloading the Twitter app helps you stay up to date while on the go. View all the tweets sent out by everyone you follow and posts updates and tweets of your own without getting off the couch. The Twitter app also lets you search for posts by user name or hash tag. 


Tumblr started out as as a social networking site designed to let users share short blog posts, pictures and videos. Though it was popular with teenagers and younger users in its early days, you can now find everyone from Madonna and Britney Spears to Rachel Zoe and Bob Bratt on Tumblr. When you create your own Tumblr account, you have the chance to customize the site based on your interests and hobbies. With the Tumblr app, you can update your page, upload photos to your account and follow all your favorite users.


Share photos with millions of other users through the Instagram app. Instagram started a small website designed to let users share images before adding the option of uploading videos and later becoming a social networking site. More than 300 million users now visit the site every year to post pictures and videos they took of their kids, while on vacation and even at work. Downloading the Instagram app helps you reach your followers and upload new content quickly and easily. You can now share a picture on Instagram just seconds after taking that image with your smartphone.


Have you ever wished that you could save a recipe, picture or article you found while browsing on your phone without opening a bunch of apps or copying multiple links? Pinterest is the best social networking app for you. When it first launched, the website required that users invite others and limited new users to only those with invitations. You can now create an account and link it to the Pinterest app on your phone in seconds. As long as you remain logged into your account, you can save recipes, photos and other content you find online to your pinned boards and share those boards with others.


Show the world your editing skills with the Vine app for Android and Apple users. Vine is one of the top websites in the world today, and one of the more popular users even appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2015. The site lets you create your own short video clips that you can share with the world. Sharing is even easier when you use the Vine app on your phone. With Vine, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr apps, you may not even need the Facebook app on your phone.