Countdown of The Finest Islands in The Caribbean  


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Caribbean is a collection of over 7000 islands, all offering something different, and as you can well imagine, all live up to the paradise which we have come to expect from the Caribbean. If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation with some of the world’s finest natural offerings, the Caribbean will most certainly be for you, and whether traveling alone, with family, friends or your partner, there’s an island to suit every different type of traveler. 

The Caribbean really has it all, sunshine, palm trees, crystal waters, talc-like beaches, adventures and activities, and here are the very best Caribbean islands which we recommend that you look into before booking up. 


This is the perfect Caribbean islands for groups of friends or larger families, the island is very flat in comparison to nearby islands, making it the perfect spot for wandering, cycling and hiking. As one of the smaller islands in the Caribbean, you can count on finding that gorgeous coastline at just about every turn, adorned with that classic white sand and see through waters. If you plan on heading to the island you should take a look at some of the luxury houses in Anguilla which will give you the chance to rent your own corner of paradise, and forget about the world for a while. The sea here in Anguilla is considered some of the clearest waters in the Caribbean, making snorkeling and kayaking an incredible experience.


It’s easy to see why the big hitters in the Caribbean like Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic get so much attention, unfortunately however, whilst the attention is certainly deserved, it has in turn made paradise look pretty full of people. With Barbados however, you never really get the feeling of over crowding, despite its obvious popularity. The name of the game here is relaxation and you will see this in the way the locals go about their business, and the general lack of any kind of pace or urgency. If this sounds like the type of break that you are looking for, you will pleased to learn that this island has arguably the most spectacular beaches in all of the Caribbean, the perfect place to sip a cold coconut and watch the world go by. The towns in Barbados are fun and offer interesting cultural history, plus you will also find that the locals will be are super friendly and very welcoming to visitors. 

St Martin 

This is one of the more interesting islands in the Caribbean, where the French and the Dutch have been living side by side for centuries. St. Martin is the French side of the island, taking up just over half the island, and Sint Maarten, is the Dutch side which occupies the rest. Whilst this island offers the same showcase of postcard-esque landscapes, compete with grape-nut trees, palms and golden sands, the infrastructure further in land is on a completely other level. Here you will find world-class restaurants offering local food as well as fusion options which have been influenced from countries across the globe. This is also an island which has gained popularity thanks to its excellent shopping experiences on offer. St. Martin may be one of the smaller islands, but with over 37 sun-kissed beaches, it more than punches above its weight in terms of how it uses that size. This is the perfect spot for couples, those with families or those traveling in big groups may be looking for some more adventure or activities to do during their stay, but if you are happy enjoying the sunshine and eating fine food, this is the place to go. 


Aruba’s climate is one of the best in the Caribbean, offering a comfortably warm climate all year around, with lower chances of tropical storms than some of its Caribbean counterparts. At just 25 miles by 75 miles, this is an island which, if you wanted to, you’d be able to cover in a day or two in order to truly explore it. In spite of its size however, there is plenty to see and do on the island. The Arikok national park is a must visit destination when you get to Aruba, offering a huge array of wildlife and some incredible rock formations, largely limestone columns and cliff edges which appear like they have been designed by hand. Thanks to the popularity of Aruba, there is also a large range of accommodation options, which means that regardless of whether you are looking for luxury or a lower priced package, you are highly likely to find something here to suit you. 


Curacao island is situated in the Norwegian Antilles, just below the hurricane belt, which is the reason for its incredibly mild year-round temperature. The island is most notably known for its beautiful colonial architecture and its blissful beaches which bend around the island. Owing to the colonialism that has taken place over the years, the food, art and architecture have been heavily influenced by many styles, tastes and cultural changes, all of which are waiting for you to discover when you head to Curacao. This island really offers the best of many worlds, the paradise island landscape, exiting architecture and artistic installations throughout the island, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. 

Which island will you pick? With over 7000 to choose from, you should probably start your search right now.