Great Baptism Gift Ideas

If you are heading to a baptism soon then you will no doubt have already started giving some thoughts as to what gift you will buy. The general rule of thumb when it comes to baptism presents, is to either buy something memorable, or something which will help the parents. Unless the child is getting baptized later in life, it is likely that they will be too young to appreciate any gift that they can play with or use. Personally I like to buy memorable presents for the baptized child, something that they can keep for a long time, and here are some ideas on what you could buy for your upcoming baptism.

St. Christopher

There are all kinds of bracelets or pendants which you could buy for the child, but for me a St. Christopher is the perfect choice. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers which is perfect not only for those looking to travel, but spiritually we all take a journey through life. What is more, is that this pendant can be kept in a safe box or even be worn around the neck when the child grows older.

Photo Album

A great gift idea which I came up with for the last baptism that I attended, was a photo book. The reason why I did this is because as a child grows up, they have to rely on stories or photos to find out what their parents were like before they were born. I went to and put together a collection of photos which I had begged for, stole and borrowed from the parents. To give the book a more complete feel, towards the end I placed photos of the baby as well as scan photos of the pregnancy. Whilst the album won’t be of much use for the baby right now, I know that when she gets older she’ll love finding out about life before she arrived.

Bible or Holy Book

I have only been to Christian baptisms but the same sentiment can be applied to a similar ceremony in all faiths. To buy the holy scripture of the religion which they are being bought into, is a great idea and they will be able to keep the book for a long time. If you are going to buy a holy book, I would advise that you try and find one which has been well made, and made with high quality materials, in order for it to last a very long time. Don’t forget to make it personal with a handwritten note inside the cover.

Silver Rattle

Whilst the toys that kids play with these days has changed greatly, a silver rattle offers more than just a toy, but a memorable gift which will always remind the child of their big day. You can get some great quality rattles which are beautifully presented, that will make for the perfect gift for the baptism.

A memorable gift in my view, is the best thing that you can buy for the baptism, and these are some of the best picks, why not give them a try!