How to Get the Most Out of Your Phone Resale

If your passion for gadgets is only matched by the pace at which you go through phones, you’ve probably wondered if it’s a good idea to sell your old technology online. Whether you’re an Apple or a Samsung fan, you’ll make your money on a private sale than through manufacturer trade-in programs.

Trade Options

Of course, your cracked Oppo won’t fetch as much as a sparklingly perfect iPhone, but if you’re hoping for the latest Galaxy, a Samsung trade-in program probably seems to make sense. These programs have a diverse range of offerings, but they also have a standard price cap. If your phone isn’t in perfect condition, you’ll fetch drastically less than the maximum price offered. It also ties you into buying a specific brand. Programs like Sell My Mobile let you earn a cash profit so that your purchase selection is unlimited.

The Secondhand Market

Sites like Craigslist are location-driven, so if you live in a small town, your price cap will be decidedly lower than in a large city. Some categories of product carry a listing fee, requiring you to repost regularly to keep your advert active. In a high volume marketplace, competition is stiff, and scammers are rife. Sell My Mobile provides a market-related value, guiding you towards the best price for your deal. A highest price guarantee means if another e-commerce store offers you more than your listed price, you’ll receive the highest number in a like-for-like deal. In other words if you’re selling an Apple iPhone 8, but are offered a better deal for the same model on eBay, you receive the eBay price.

Potential Profits

An LG or OnePlus trade-in program carries a maximum price cap of about GBP300 for a new phone in pristine condition. In contrast, the secondhand market will award you a significant profit for a flagship phone. The system allows you to hold onto your phone until the next best thing comes along. You get access to the latest LG for significantly less than the asking price, and you never have to deal with ailing batteries or the hardware glitches that are typical of a well-worn device. If you’ve always been too scared to try a Huawei or HTC because the asking price is unpalatable, this is the perfect way to experiment with new brands.

The Benefits of Verification

Whether you’re looking to sell your OnePlus or trade it in for the latest Google or Oppo, legitimate trade-in sites often provide quality verification. This way, you can scoot distrust out of the way and sell your old Sony to buyers who feel secure in the knowledge that their quality is assured. This removes a significant hurdle to resale, allowing you to fetch a higher asking price.

Social Networks

If you’re hoping to sell your old Samsung or Galaxy online via a social network like Facebook, you’ll need to do a lot of homework to avoid scammers. Inviting strangers to your home is risky, even if they’re offering you GBP500 for last year’s OnePlus. Meeting in a public place does little to keep you safe. Payment scams are rife on social media.

If you’re aching to get your hands on the latest LG or HTC, a secure, specialist marketplace is the perfect tool for stretching your budget. Google and Sony trade-in programs simply won’t knock much off the price of that sparkling new Huawei. A secure secondhand marketplace will amp up your profitability, leaving you with a cash return to use at any retailer.