Introducing The Future Of High Speed Printing, The HP Business Page Wide

If there is one thing that businesses and offices the World over would require from their printers, it would be speed and HP have taken things to the next level with their HP business printers and created the HP Page Wide, a printer with the capability of printing a blistering 75 pages per minute.

In what is sure to be a business solution that will meet the needs of many and speed up offices the around the World, HP’s new machine is not only fast but it is the most cost-effective and economic of its kind, not to mention one of the most environmentally friendly.

HP decided to display the speed of their new printing and invited some top UK bloggers to watch the machine printing Generation Game style prizes over the course of a minute. Whatever the bloggers could remember, they would win. Check out the video to see what they were able to remember, and to see the incredible speed of the new HP printer in action.

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