Marketing Your Law Firm When Competition is Great

In order to get your law firm to stand out among the crowded field of available legal services nationwide, your marketing message must not only be relevant, but it needs to be persistent.

For some law firms, they unfortunately do not get the fact that consistency is one of the keys to bringing in and retaining clients. They think that a little marketing here, a little social media output there etc. will do the trick.

When you are trying to get your law firm as much notice as possible; take some time to review your marketing techniques.

Among the items to review:

  • Is your message resonating with the public? If your message is not making an impression on those in need of legal services, your phone is not likely to ring all that often.
  • Are you watching what your competition is doing? Even though you can’t (and shouldn’t) duplicate what competitors do, you should be keeping an eye on their marketing initiatives.
  • Could your marketing budget be bumped up? Finally, are you spending enough money when it comes to marketing your law firm? If not, has the time come to increase those funds? In the event you do, make sure you get your money’s worth.

Let Prospective Clients Know You’re Just a Call Away

So that your law firm can make even more inroads in the legal business, remember a few tips moving forward:

  • Website

For starters, how active and relevant is your website?

If you pay little or no attention to it, how can you expect prospective clients to know who you are, where you are, and of course what kind of legal services you provide?

Whether an individual is searching for a Houston sexual assault lawyer or in need of a Houston DUI attorney (or in any city nationwide for that matter), be sure to have a website that ranks high on Google and other search engines.

In order to get your website high rankings more times than not, it is important that you have relevant and consistent blog content, use keywords that are SEO (search optimization friendly), and promote your site on social media etc.

At the end of the day, your website is essentially your online business card, so make sure the verdict states that your site is not guilty of being a waste of one’s time.

  • Social media

How active are you as a lawyer on social networking sites?

If you’ve been slacking in terms of posting on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, you really are only hurting your brand.

Keep in mind that millions of people nationwide use social media every hour of every day, so there are plenty of opportunities to spread your brand’s message. That said you do need to invest some time and effort (usually money is not an issue) into social media.

While some law firms will stick to doing social media initiatives in-house, others will reach out to pros to do it. Either way, make sure you are getting a solid social media effort time and time again.

  • Client referrals

Lastly, whether they are current clients or even those from the past you still have some contact with, relying on client referrals and testimonials is another great way to market your firm.

As an example, if you had a client being charged with sexual assault or another very serious crime, you hopefully either got the charges removed altogether or at least worked out a reasonable plea deal that he or she could live with. As such, there’s a decent chance that individual will speak positively in terms of your firm and you individually.

Putting together a compilation of client referrals and testimonials both in written words and videos etc. can truly work to your benefit.

When other individuals see how someone similar to them asked for and received help from your firm, they are more inclined to pick up that phone and call you.

In today’s digital age, being an aggressive online marketer pays dividends in a number of ways.

Most notably, be sure you are coming up with a winning marketing verdict time and time again.