Online dating in the digital world

These days, online dating is very likely to have brought these people together... photo by CC user Muramasa on

 Photo by CC user Muramasa on

The internet offers us many opportunities, from shopping to communicating with others across the world; and it has become the most popular platform when it comes to the age old concept that is dating. Whilst people used to meet new partners by going out to public and social places such as bars, nightclubs and activity clubs, most of us now find it easier to subscribe to our dating site of choice; and there are many to choose from.

There is something for everyone

The first thing to do is to find out what we want. Whether we are looking for a serious relationship with the one person or just looking at finding multiple NSA sex partners, there are many websites out there which specialise into what we want. So if we are just looking for fun, we can go on a naughty dating website where we will find many other like-minded adventurers; saving us the embarrassment of asking the wrong person about the wrong thing; ultimately saving us from getting rejected. No one likes rejection and it is a major cause for people being scared to go out and ask others out on a date. So ultimately, pick up the website which is right for you and you will be surprised at how many people you will meet who are in a similar situation as you are.

Is online dating safe?

The internet makes for a superb communication platform, and dating online offers us the opportunity to message others and even talk to them using video conferencing. This is great because it means we can discover people before we decide to date them; as opposed to having to meet with a total stranger. Even though online dating can sometimes get a bad reputation, it is actually one of the safest methods of meeting new people. Being able to make our minds up and making our decisions from a computer in the comfort of our own homes can really go a long way into us making the right decision, as we are able to make an informed decision whilst not feeling too much pressure.

Taking a few precautions does helps

As we can now talk to people before we meet them, it allows us to plan and think ahead. Furthermore, it makes it easier for us to communicate to people around us about who we are looking at dating. A good thing to do is to show our friends some of our online communications with our potential dates; that way our friends can give us a much needed second opinion in case we missed out on anything.

Furthermore, there are other things we can do to keep things safer such as meeting our date in a public place where we feel comfortable and not vulnerable. Having our cell phones with us and calling our friends regularly throughout the date is a good way to let our potential partner that we are not alone and it puts us in a stronger position. Getting a ride from a friend to and from our date is also a great way to make things safer.

Basically, online dating offers the same amount of risks as traditional dating, but some of those risks are mitigated by the fact that we can now take our time to make our decisions as we are not being put as much on the spot; which helps us keep an objective mind. So as long as we act with caution then there is no reason why we cannot make the most of what the web has to offer; so let’s enjoy meeting new people who want the same thing we do!