Problems Which Your Company Website Needs to Avoid

Many people and businesses are often reluctant to use the services of a custom software development company like JTR Solutions when it comes to improving the performance of their company website. Sometimes this is an understandable option when the business is brand new as many will be looking to tighten the purse strings until they get consistent income. For fully-fledged businesses however, not doing so could very well result in your company, losing many new leads and customer sales as a result of something basic like a poorly performing website.

Regardless of whether you offer an online product, or indeed your products online, it makes sense in the age that we are living in to have an online profile and all of this starts with a good-looking and well performing website. Here are just some of the problems which your website needs to avoid to ensure that you give customers a great place to see your products.

Fast Load Speed

It will be vital that regardless of what software your website is using, that the pages load up quickly and efficiently. We live in the information age where people can pick and choose what they want to see and when they want to see it, with so much choice available, people simply don’t have the time or patience to wait around to see what you have to say. Ensure that your site is snappy and loads pages quickly.

Mobile Optimization

Whether you have had an app developed to support your website or you are just using the site itself, you simply must have it developed for mobile phones. 51% of all online sales were made last year via mobile and with the constant improvements of the cellphone, there are more and more people who use their phones to browse the web, if you website has not been created with mobile in mind then you should prepare yourself to lose a whole host of customers.

Too Primitive

Even if you don’t plan on using your website to make sales, there is no excuse for it being too primitive, web users have a well trained eye for sleek websites and they won’t accept a boring and basic concept. Software developers can give you the platform to create beautiful looking sites with ease and not using them could really damage your brand if the customers think that your site lacks pizzazz.

Complicated Navigation

Should you be using your site for sales then it will be important that you utilize the web software that is available to you in order to simplify your, on-site navigation. Customers want this side of things to be fast and easy, they want to feel as though you already know what they are looking for. Things like a search box and the related products section or the ‘frequently bought together’ section can really help customers to get around the site and menu boxes should be clear and concise and feature sub-categories. Make it easy for you client to spend their money, that is all you need to do.