Be Sure Your Brand Message is Heard

Making sure your company’s brand message gets heard can seem challenging at times.

For starters, you’re likely facing a fair amount of competition in your respective industry.

Secondly, you may be on a limited budget when it comes to things such as marketing and advertising capabilities.

Lastly, you might just be a tad tentative or truly not know how best to spread your message to consumers.

Whether it is one or all three of those issues, such challenges can prove quite daunting in your company’s ability to be heard. As a result, your revenue stream could be missing out on key opportunities to grow, something that can certainly determine just how long in fact you will remain in business.

If you feel like your message is not reaching as many people as it should be, do you plan to act? If so, how will you change the message and/or the presentation?


Making the Right Voices and Messages Available

In some cases, you may have the right message and yet not the right messenger. That said the situation can of course be the reverse.

No matter what side of the coin you find you and your brand on, the time to act is now.

While you likely do not have to reinvent the wheel, you will probably need to do some reassessing of how you’re reaching out to consumers.

Are you using your employees to be the primary messengers? How much time and money do you put towards advertising and marketing professionals? Have you considered using motivational speakers to spread your message?

No matter how you are going about in an attempt to reach consumers, you have to be sure of one thing, knowing whether or not it is working?

If you do opt for motivational speakers, you may want to host a get-together for potential customers, having a speaker come in to talk about how companies like yours can in fact be just what consumers are looking for. You also may opt to have such speakers come in and speak directly to all of your employees, discussing about how putting one’s best foot forward can mean the difference between making a sale and missing out on one. Lastly, you might just have that speaker visit your business and speak directly to upper management, giving those individuals tips on how to be better leaders moving forward.

As you can see, there are different ways to go about motivating both employees and consumers, both of which provide tremendous opportunities for you to grow your brand.

Who Will Deliver the Message?

Another key focus should be on who exactly the messenger is.

Do you want someone who currently or previously also has business leadership qualities like you? How about someone who served in the military and more than likely knows the importance of organization and discipline when it comes to running a company? Will having someone younger rather than older really matter? Some may say a younger speaker would bring more energy to a group (plus know what is going on currently as far as business trends, technology etc.). The other train of though is someone who is older brings a wealth of experience to the conversation.

Make no mistake about it, your brand, employees, and current and potential customers etc. can truly benefit from hearing the right speakers do their thing.

The final important piece in the puzzle to making sure your brand message is heard is of course technology.

From using social media to promote the message and messenger to putting video and other such means in play is crucial.

For example, if you have a motivational speaker you want current and potential customers to hear from, getting a sizable number of consumers together all at one time can be quite perplexing.

One of the ways to navigate around this is doing some podcasts.

As more businesses are discovering these days, podcasts can prove quite fruitful to a brand.

One of the advantages in turning to podcasts is that they can be accessed pretty much 24/7.

Whether it is a potential or current customer, perhaps even one or more of your employees that missed the live version the first time around, having podcasts available online 24/7 is a great marketing tool.

When you want your brand message being heard, don’t shy away from determining the right messenger and what he or she wants to say.