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Why Human beings Love Gaming

Understanding why human beings love gaming can shed some light on a number of issues, including a huge portion of human behavior in general. Gaming is clearly something that has a great deal of broad appeal. People have more or less had this confirmed for them in the Information Age, given the tremendous popularity of video games and online casino games all

How to Choose The Best Gaming Monitor

So you've picked out the killer gaming computer, added 50 gigs of ram, the most powerful processor and video card, but, what about the monitor? There are tons of options, so how do you sort through them all? Well, check out this awesome infographic below to gain some insight!

Why do Games Have Cheats in Them?

games Whether you are a gamer now, or haven't really played anything since you were a kid, you are probably all too familiar with the concept of cheats. Cheats come in many different forms, from those that allow you to get through a game far more easily by giving you things like invincibility or unlimited ammo, to those that unlock extra fun features or content

Durable by Design: Top Tips for Buying a Mechanical Keyboard

  Buying a mechanical keyboard takes a somewhat different approach. Unlike regular membrane keyboards, you don't simply go with price, or perhaps function set. Instead, you think of things such as actuation point, resistance, tactile feedback and click-sound generation. When you go mechanical, you get to choose a product that fits your exact set of

Title: Female Heroes Rise In Gaming

The connection between girls and gaming has been written about quite a bit in the past year or two. Numerous mainstream articles have cited statistics that indicate gaming populations are as much or more female than male, and slowly but surely the popular image of "gamers" exclusively as young men is beginning to shift. Along with this shift, there's been

Girls HK: Why More Girls Should Be Gaming

It is a well-worn stereotype that girls are not considered as being ‘gamers’ – at least not in the same way that boys are. People generally assume that the majority of gamers are male and that females only enjoy playing ‘cutesy’ games that are considered colourful, ‘easy’ and not very challenging. This is where Girls HK comes into the picture.

Oculus Touch

For a long time it seemed that virtual reality gaming was going to go the way of the jet pack: anticipated, planned, designed – but simply not practical for actual use in the real world. But, at last, it seems that virtual reality gaming is not just around the corner, it is here! First of all, banish thoughts of clunky, chunky metallic gloves, loaded

Gaming is not just a boy’s world

More girls than ever are discovering the fun that can be had playing video games. At the same time, though this is a growing trend, it is still challenging to find games that feature strong female protagonists. We still live in a world in which the majority of gamers and developers are male. Luckily, many developers realize that gaming is not just a boy's world

How to Keep the Immortal Alive: We Miss Twilight!

by  magesomido Ever since Edward Cullen came out of the shadows and into the light to sweep Bella Swan off her feet, the world has been gripped by the Twilight series. Despite being the better part of a century old, Cullen puts a vicelike grip on Swan and, subsequently, the hearts of swooning females across the world. Unfortunately, all good things

The Rise of iGaming!

One of the major stories in modern gaming has to be the rise of online gambling or iGaming. According to The Independent, the industry is now a £2 billion business as many seek to play a variety of casino games or make bets online. So how has iGaming become such a massive industry? Here are a few answers. Convenience Previous options of gambling