Gaming is not just a boy’s world

Gaming is not just a boy's world anymore, as games like Second Life have brought women into the fray in recent years ... photo by CC user HyacintheLuynes on wikimedia

More girls than ever are discovering the fun that can be had playing video games. At the same time, though this is a growing trend, it is still challenging to find games that feature strong female protagonists. We still live in a world in which the majority of gamers and developers are male. Luckily, many developers realize that gaming is not just a boy’s world anymore, as they have woken up the fact that growing numbers of females love to game.

Allowing for female characters

In many of today’s video games, those playing are given a choice of characters, and game developers have added female characters to the lineup available. Some advanced video games allow for the customization of characters so that gamers can build their own characters. This helps everyone that enjoys games feel included and appreciated. In addition, games that offer advanced customization also allow gamers to create a character that they can identify with more readily.

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In the past, the role of females in the world of video games was relegated to the role of the princess that needed to be rescued. However, as more girls began to show an interest in video games, it became apparent that strong female leads were needed. Games such as Mirror’s Edge are welcome because they fill this need. The success of older games such as Tomb Raider proves that having a female as the focus character would not deter men from playing a great game. Some female characters that played minor roles in popular games have been given their own series or have at least made appearances as more leading characters. An example of this is Mario Kart, which features Princess Peach.

Popular RPGs

The success of games such as World of Warcraft is not just due to male gamers. Many females are avid fans of the series. Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for developing Warcraft into the popular series it is today. Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision Blizzard and is always looking for improvements to make so that gamers of all genders have a great gaming experience. Bobby Kotick’s presentations on the improvements made for the next instalment of the highly successful Call Of Duty make it clear that work has been done to make sure that a variety of characters of both genders are available to gamers. Bobby works with parents and game developers to make sure that video games are created that will be healthy for a wide audience to enjoy.

A wider audience

Game developers that do not recognize just how many girls like to play video games are missing out on a large chunk of potential revenue. Those that don’t take advantage of this will lose business and not develop long-term customer relationships. It is very likely that women will continue to be a growing part of the world of gaming. With more women working in the development of games, it is also likely that future games will consider the needs and wants of female gamers.