How To Be The Chief Salesperson Of Your PGP Encryption Business

When you set out to start your own business, it’s not just about getting to be the guy who calls the shots. If you want to start your business and see it become a success, you have to be your own company’s chief salesperson. It’s easier than you think; as an entrepreneur, you know your product better than anyone else. You’re enthusiastic and excited about the future, especially if you’re selling a technology like PGP encryption that’s growing to meet higher demand in a world that needs it. Nothing sells like enthusiasm and when you are your own boss, it can be infectious.

Cybersecurity technology like PGP encryption is a growing market for an aspiring entrepreneur to enter and as more and more average consumers realize that their emails aren’t so private after all, many are turning to software solutions like PGP encryption. In order to be your PGP encryption reseller business’ chief salesman, the first thing you need is an understanding of the technology and why it’s important.

PGP Encryption is getting easier to sell, as cyber security is a sector on the rise

What is PGP Encryption?

When you send an email, you expect it to be private and protected from the eyes of cybercriminals, hackers, police and intelligence agencies. You would be wrong in that assumption – just about anyone can intercept emails and without encryption technology, they can read the text plain as day.

PGP encryption is offered by software companies for encrypting emails so that they can’t be read by cybercriminals intent on intercepting them. BlackBerry devices are used by the company Myntex because these devices are already many consumers’ first choice for security, and they work well with PGP encryption software. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows the company to tailor the device so that it exclusively uses email: no apps, web browsing, camera, or any security weaknesses. You can find out more details about PGP encryption works and why it’s important in a security-conscious world at

How Can You Successfully Sell PGP Encryption

Whether you’re just getting into business for yourself for the first time or if you’re already an established telecommunications retailer, PGP encryption can be a profitable option, especially if you work with a technology provider that keeps your interests at heart. A good PGP encryption provider works with local resellers across the world, offering white labeling opportunities for all of their retailers so that they can put their own trusted name on the product.

A great partner also offers tools to make running your business simple and straightforward; for example, Myntex offers its partners a reseller portal that simplifies managing your payments, ordering prepaid SIM cards, activating customers, and executing remote wipes. Your PGP encryption customers are paying for a premium service and they’re going to want great customer service. Using a reseller portal, you can activate their PGP encrypted BlackBerry devices in minutes, rather than days. It also means that when a customer calls you because they lost their device, you can institute a remote wipe – clearing their device of all their messages – instantly. A reseller portal allows you deliver a superior level of service that will make you known as a reliable PGP encryption retailer.