Finding out the Truth About The Robot Revolution

Robots, believe it or not they have now become an integral part of our lives, in the home, in the workplace and in all aspects of our society. The idea of robots conjures up images of mechanical  armies of human-looking superbots but the way the look and the way the operate in today’s world are in fact far less ‘Hollywood’. Advancements in robot technology are moving at breakneck speed as we seek to utilise robots to perform tasks that will help us in all factors of our life.

In the workplace, many consider this to be the fourth Industrial Revolution, a world where machinery will replace humans in many areas of production, manufacturing and labour. This thought induces fear in many, fear of being ‘taken over,’ but in this fascinating Financial Times documentary ‘My Colleague, the Robot’ Murad Ahmed demonstrates the benefits and vital roles that robots are playing in the world of industry.

This piece puts to bed the idea that humans face a Matrix-style take-over by the machines and actually shows how dependant we have become on the role of robots in all aspects of production. Whether it be their duties in milk production or the important assistance they can give the agriculture industry, this film shows that the robots are now indispensable and they are here to stay.