How Small Businesses can Save Money and Increase Productivity

Businesses that run a small operation have to outsource various duties so that they can focus on making money for their organization. Some of the services that get outsourced include virtual office services, customer service, answering service, and managed live chat.


Virtual Office Services

If you are operating a store, too many administrative tasks can slow you down. Virtual office services can pick up the slack. They can track the orders on your website, handle credit card declines, and provide call-backs. Additionally, they can contact manufacturers on your behalf. They can also check voice mail messages and manage emails.

Customer Service

For your customer service needs, you can use call center services. They will make product inquiries on your behalf. For example, if you receive a damaged shipment, you can rely on customer service to make the calls and follow up with you. They will make the returns or exchanges. They are trained to do cross-selling as well as upselling. They can also follow up with phone calls if you are too busy.

Moreover, they can schedule appointments. They can conduct surveys for your marketing needs. They can provide personalized greetings. They can monitor all your calls and provide detailed reporting. They can also manage inbound as well as outbound emails.

Answering Service

Their answering service will answer calls after regular business hours. They will also take messages and relay them in the format you desire. They can answer customer service related questions. They can also provide price quotes.

Managed Live Chat

They can provide live chats to customers shopping online. If they are stuck on a page and cannot seem to move forward, they can get the assistance of live chat. They will be able to answer questions and assist customers so that they can complete their online orders.

Visitors to your site are more apt to buy your products if they have access to live chat. You will get 35 percent more sales. For example, if a visitor is stuck or confused, he or she will give up, especially if it is after business hours. Some people are impulsive buyers. You have to strike while the iron is hot. They may change their minds the next day. That is why live chat is crucial.

Additionally, you will have improved customer satisfaction. Visitors are more likely to return to the site within one day of chatting. About 85-90 percent of visitors who chatted have rated the service as good or excellent. Moreover, you will increase productivity by shifting the service to live chat rather than on the phone. You can also reduce cost per interaction by 80 percent.

In conclusion, small businesses can save money and increase productivity by outsourcing some of their administrative duties. They can use virtual offices to track orders and handle credit card declines. They can use customer service to make product inquiries. They can utilize the answering service and have them answer questions and take messages. Finally, you can use managed live chats to assist with website navigation.