In-house or outsource? Which type of IT support suits you best?

Choosing whether to have an IT support team is a no-brainer. These teams provide a valuable service for businesses, which want their computers to be performing at maximum capacity all the time. IT support in Perth will be able to provide a wide range of help, from fixing broken equipment and suggesting upgrades, to protecting computers from viruses and identifying problems with the server.


It is a more difficult decision to decide whether the IT team should be in-house or outsourced. There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches. Read this helpful guide in order to learn more about the differences between employing a full-time team to work in-house, and contracting a team of outsourced IT specialists to take care of the computer systems.


The cost of hiring a full-time IT support team can potentially be expensive. This can mean that people are still being paid even if there is not a lot of work for them to do. However, hiring an outsourced team of professionals can be a more effective choice. Often, these companies will charge rates which are cheaper than hiring a team of in-house staff full-time.

Consider outsourcing IT support if the business is running on a tight budget. Business owners will discover that the money saved by outsourcing IT support can be spent on other areas of the business such as customer care or on new premises. Avantgarde Technologies provide IT support which is cost-effective.


Outsourcing to a third-party support team can be advantageous when it comes to problem-solving. These outsourced teams are usually larger than the ones that small businesses can afford to hire full-time. The larger team means that there are more people available to troubleshoot problems in the event of persistent glitches or serious problems.


Having an in-house team of full-time support staff makes communication extremely simple. Often management and the in-house support team are in the same building, so arranging meetings is incredibly simple. In contrast, the outsourced IT support team could be in another part of the country, or even on a different continent altogether. This makes communication and accountability more difficult.

Sensitive Data

Every business has sensitive data which they want to keep private. This could be anything from the bank details of customers to the license plate numbers on a fleet of cars. Employees are responsible for keeping this information confidential, and it is easier to do so if an IT support team are hired full-time as employees.

Outsourcing to a third-party IT support firm could cause sensitive data to be mishandled in a way which causes clients to break off their relationship with a business. In the worst case scenario, customers may be motivated to take legal action if they feel that their privacy has been breached in a serious way.