Merchant Solutions for Non Profits

Non-profits need to make every dime count and they need to do it in a time-efficient manner. With tight budgets and small staffs, most non-profits don’t have the luxury of spending hours looking for non profit pos systems that offer the services and features they need at the right price point. Fortunately, there is an affordable point of sale system that not only handles sales but also tracks inventory and manages time sheets.

With the clover station 2.0 non-profits can keep the business running while growing their donor and customer base. The Clover Donate Here consumer-facing system accepts credit cards, chip cards, and touchless payments such as Apple Pay. In addition to collecting payments, Donate Here can keep records of donations and produce detailed reports.


SmartSwipe is a tablet-based system that combines full functionality with portability and convenience. There’s no reason to man the cash register when you can take the payment system to the donor. Features of SmartSwipe include:

  • Track all charitable funds, cash, check, or credit card
  • Print, text, or email receipts
  • Generate reports on donation history
  • Manage inventory and change price or quantity in real time
  • Save detailed donor or customer information
  • Trustworthy and award-winning security protocols


The right merchant solutions software not only helps your non-profit to run more smoothly, it helps your life to run more smoothly, too. Take the stress out of business management with an e-commerce platform that handles all the tough jobs for you. Enjoy the following features:

  1. E-check and credit card payment processing. Donations come from may sources, therefore this software accepts all major credit cards as well as digital payments such as PayPal and Visa Checkout. 
  2. Merchant account access. Use the Merchant Interface to review account settings, download reports, and import data into your QuickBooks account.
  3. Fraud Detection and Prevention. No one likes to lose money and non-profits can afford it least of all. The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) lets you identify and manage any suspicious transactions that may cost you money. 
  4. Support. Use a toll-free number, online chat, or email to get the support and answers you need to keep your software and your non-profit running smoothly.


Donors and customers of non-profits like to know their money is well-used. Quality credit card machines make the right impression every time. Process payments quickly, safely, and efficiently with a reliable, technologically advanced terminal. Donors can pay with a chip card, swipe card, NFC phone, Apple Watch, or e-check. More ways to pay translates into more funds for your non-profit and greater donor satisfaction.

By choosing the clover station 2.0 pos system for your non-profit, you are doing much more than putting an efficient platform in place. You are sending the message, to employees, customers, and donors alike, that your non-profit is serious about its goals and objectives and that you intend to achieve them.

Get the ball rolling today and explore the point of sale options available to your non-profit. Stay on target to meet your goals with a system that can help you grow.