How to Network Effectively in the 21st Century

The 21st century world is a crowded place, as many people do business on a global scale now. Gone are the days where you would exist inside a small circle of contacts, as relationships with people across the country and around the world are taking on an increasingly large importance.

Despite being middle-aged, Peter Benedict St Andrews understands this, as he has established a LinkedIn page where he engages people interested in the photo booth and presentation business.

Want to update your networking techniques for the work world that exists in 2017? This article will help you get up to speed.

1) Get on LinkedIn

While attending conferences, making a strong first impression, and handing out business cards are all still part of networking in the 21st century, making a LinkedIn profile and updating it regularly is a vital step that can’t be ignored.

So much of our lives have moved online these days, from correspondence (e-mail) to socializing (Facebook).

While it is still possible to neglect this step and make a living, doing so will cut you off from so many opportunities. If you want to get ahead, engaging others on this platform is practically a necessity.

2) Be creative

Simply having strong credentials and a cordial manner is not enough to advance in many fields these days.

The noise to signal ratio has skewed strongly in favor of the former these days, making it harder to be seen.

As such, it is immensely important you find a way to stand out from the crowd and accentuate it. By being known for something specific, you will stick out in the minds of people who could use your talent.

3) Ask for introductions

Have a friend on the inside of an organization you want to be part of? Ask them to make an introduction on your behalf to someone who has the power to hire you.

It can be tough to do this, as you will be putting someone you like and respect on the spot. Make it clear to them that you are competent enough to take on a role in their company, and they will have less of a problem singing your praises.

When the time comes to meet the hiring manager, make every effort to blow their socks off. Even if you don’t get the position, you will have inserted your foot in the door for the next opening that comes up, all while preserving your friend’s reputation in the process.

4) Offer your assistance to contacts

When you make contact with someone who you would like to do business with, offer to do them a favor in an area where they need help.

This should come without demands of financial compensation, as you are trying rally them to your side.

Once they have realized that you are of benefit to them, they should have no problem doing deals with you.

5) Don’t forget to follow up

One of the biggest mistakes any person makes when they are networking is that they forget to follow up.

Life is busy for most people, so day-to-day concerns can sweep away their memory of you if you stay out of contact for too long.

While it is also important to avoid touching base too often to avoid being perceived as a smotherer, you should commit to establishing contact every four to six weeks to keep your relationship fresh.