Why People Don’t Shop Online and What You Can Do About It

Did you know that one half of American internet users are very hesitant to shop online because they are concerned about the security of their credit card or personal information?  And according to an Internet Retailer survey of online shoppers who are concerned with security, as many as 69% say that actively look for sites that display trust symbols to have assurance that the business is legitimate and the site is secure. If you are trying to make a go of your ecommerce business, this trend demands your action in order to retain customers and win new ones. With this in mind, you should check out an experienced security provider like Sitelock – read Sitelock Reviews, learn how to have their trust badge added to your site, and assure your customers that you take their security seriously.  In the meantime, here are some other issues that customers say make them reluctant to shop online.

Privacy Concerns

Many people are very concerned about their privacy, and this extends to online shopping sites as well.  With good reason, many people don’t trust that the information they provide to retailers – whether brick and mortar or online – won´t be sold to third-parties.  The almost creepy ability of social media and search engines to “serve” ads related to our recent vacations, “likes” or online purchases is enough to convince people that their online privacy is limited at best.  For this reason, many may be reluctant to provide even more fuel for the fire.  Although you may not be able to convince everyone, one way to address this is by having a visible and honest privacy policy which explains in simple terms exactly how their information will or will not be used.

Maintain a Professional Look for Your Site

Many potential online shoppers express concerns about the legitimacy of online businesses – unlike the hardware store down the road, an online store could disappear overnight, taking your money and data with it.  These potential customers need to be reassured that your business is a legitimate and reputable enterprise rather than some fly-by-night set up, or worse, a scam site offering phony wares to get their dollar. One way to provide this assurance is to make sure that you have a professional looking website – this is especially important because according to a Stanford Web Credibility Research study, almost one half of your visitors will evaluate the “realness” of your business based on the look of your site.  Make sure that your site looks professional, that contact information, company address, verifiable customer testimonials, or other information is prominently displaced.  Trust symbols can be a very important way to provide assurances as well – the backing of Paypal, the Better Business Bureau, and similar organizations can go a long way.


As an online business owner, you have to do what you can to address the concerns of reluctant shoppers.  A clear privacy policy, a professional “real” looking site, and a security trust badge from a provider like Sitelock will go a long way towards providing the assurance that your customers are looking for.