Why Private Jet Chartering is Becoming More Popular for the Lower-Tier Super Rich

Private jet ownership is an expensive and often pointless pursuit, done more in the name of luxury than practical efficiency. Even the cheapest offers for private jets near surpass the two-million-dollar benchmark, leaving many to question the worth and appeal of them. Sure, it’s an assured convenience, but one that isn’t fully necessary if the owners don’t particularly need or want to travel often.

However, the lower-tier super rich are finding more to love in private jet chartering, as the business experiences a boom. Ultimately, it’s the more sensible option among the lower rich list, rewarded for the treat than overindulging in extravagance. Numerous benefits crop up than the expected luxury, and below are a few listed.

No Annual Maintenance

Buying a classy plane is one thing, but keeping it around is another entirely. Fuel costs, equipment, repairs, storage and more can quickly mount up to blow a hole in even the finest of bank balances.

Ultimately, ownership is simply not ideal due to the costs that will amount from these responsibilities. Whether it’s an important business trip or a fun summer vacation, chartering is the clear way forward to save money long term. Put simply, expense where it isn’t necessary is a poor investment, and the annual upkeep of high end travel would be a burden on most.

No Crew and Staff

Of course, purchase and maintenance is pricey, and what only adds to the mountain of money is employing the staff to keep it all together. Pilots, air hostesses and stewards, they all come with a fee attached that will only get bigger overtime, no matter how cheap they may initially seem at face value.

Chartering skips these woes of what resemble managing something akin to a small company. Instead of paying for them, the renters will be served by them, which is presumably a more than agreeable exchange!

Effortless Accessibility

It’s the same with any major purchase. Whether it’s a house, a plane or a back garden shed, endless research is conducted to ensure that the money is being spent wisely. Of course, then come the logistics of the arrangement, and endless admin that must be fulfilled.

For sake of time efficiency, chartering erases this completely. For example, Fly Victor’s apps and services are tailored to find the perfect aircraft for rent, the information streamlined for accessibility. While the meticulous details are available to adjust at leisure, sealing the deal when chartering from Fly Victor offers far more rapid results.