The Best Gaming Gear Every PC Gamer Needs

If you want to be a hardcore gamer, then you need the right gear. In the competitive world of e-sports and gaming, a millisecond of lag can mean the difference between winning and losing. If you want to have an edge over your friends or get the wins you know you deserve, then you need the best gaming gear.

This guide gives you everything you need to pick the right kind of gaming gear for your gaming lifestyle. We’ll talk about everything from headphones to a high powered gaming rig and all the extras. Don’t get caught on a losing game of Apex or Fortnight and get the PC gamin year you need.

The Best Gaming Gear Starts with the Desk

One of the most overlooked aspects of gaming is the desk. You can’t efficiently game if you’re working on an old table or a bargain basement pressboard desk. You spend hours a day sitting at that desk and if it’s not perfect, then your game will suffer.

It needs to be sturdy because you don’t want your gaming rig to fall through. It must have plenty of room for a large monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Some companies create gaming desks, but any desk will do as long as it has the room you need.

You’re going to pay a few hundred for a good desk, so stop looking at department stores and look at furniture stores.

Don’t Settle for Just Any Chair

Have you ever sat for several hours in an uncomfortable chair? It’s torture on the back and gluteus maximus. You can’t game on a kitchen chair with no padding or back support. They were made for sitting at most 45 minutes and then you leave.

Professional gaming chairs are designed to support your back and neck for hours of gaming. Most gaming chairs have high backs, lumbar support, and the ability to recline. They look like something out of a racing car, but they are the pinnacle of gaming support.

Depending on the model and all the bells and whistles, you can find gaming chairs for a hundred dollars or up to a thousand. If you’re interested in e-sports, then a gaming chair is a necessity.

A Large Mouse Pad Is Best

When the action is heavy, you’re moving your mouse at lightning speeds all over the place. A standard mouse pad doesn’t have space or tracking ability to keep up with it. You need an extra-large gaming mouse that is designed to help maintain constant tracking and large enough that you won’t occasionally run your mouse off it.

In the heat of a game, that split second you’re off the mousepad could get your character killed or cause you to miss an important shot. A large gaming mousepad gives you plenty of room for your mouse to roam in a uniform environment.

Gaming Controller Better for Some PC Games

While most of the time, you’re going to use your gaming keyboard for moving around, but if you’re playing a console port or the game just feels better with a controller, then having a PC controller is essential.

You likely won’t use it often, but it can give you an edge over friends and competitors stuck on their keyboards. While many controllers accept Bluetooth interface, if you’re a serious gamer, then you want the wired variety. It keeps the connection constant and fast.

The controller needs grip handles and customizable buttons to provide the best gaming experience.

A Headset to Rule Them All

Gaming today is a full sensory experience. You need a headset that gives you an edge and lets you communicate easily with other players. Most games have stereo surround sound, so when you hear shots or something moves, you can hear which direction it’s coming from.

You need a gaming headset that has high-quality audio to hear those often subtle directional cues.

It also needs to be able to differentiate between the audio of the game and the audio of your friends or teammates. The headset needs a microphone that not only lets your talk to players but can cut out background noise and annoying sounds like breathing.

It’s hard to concentrate on the game if you can hear your teammate breathing constantly into the microphone.

Headsets run the gambit on prices, but if you want the best, you’ll pay between $100 and $300 for a top of the line models.

Gaming Mouse Is Must-Have Gaming Essential

A standard mouse is ideal for moving around the screen for writing documents or boring computer tasks, in professional and e-sport gaming, accuracy is everything. A gaming mouse is the most effective tool you have for getting wins.

A gaming mouse is larger than a standard mouse with several programmable buttons, so you can create shortcuts for various actions. The best has adjustable weights to create the ideal weight for your body.

The mouse must be ergonomic because you’ll use it for hours at a time. The most important aspect is accuracy. If you move a millimeter on the mousepad, then the game should do the same. In games like Fortnight, a headshot kills enemies faster, but are hard to hit, so you need a super-accurate mouse.

It should also be wired to decrease lag time and create a constant connection.

Keyboards Make or Break Wins

A keyboard isn’t used for typing much in games. Instead, you use it to move around and various buttons control actions in the game. There is nothing wrong with a standard keyboard, but gaming keyboards can give you an edge.

They’re more ergonomic for spending hours gaming. It needs to be backlit, so you can see the buttons in the dark. One of the most important aspects is the ability to create programmable shortcuts for various actions.

It may save a split second, but in the gaming world that seems like forever.

See Everything with a Gaming Monitor…or Two

Most standard monitors are fine for regular computer tasks, but if you’ve got hundreds of orcs on screen and a large battlefield, then you need a gaming monitor. Gaming monitors are higher resolution and larger than standard monitors.

Many gamers like to have multiple monitors with each dedicated to a different task or to have a wide view of the gaming field. These monitors are a must-have, but they are more expensive than standard monitors. You’ll also want to have a dedicated graphics card on your desktop.

The Heart of Gaming Is Your Rig

Your desktop system is the heart and soul of your gaming experience. Everything above means nothing if you don’t have a high-powered CPU behind it all. A gaming computer can run you anywhere from $800 to several thousand dollars, but you can’t be a professional gamer without them.

Your desktop needs to have lots of RAM, high CPU speed, and the ability to keep all the components cool. Games whether they are local or online cause your computer to heat up and the hotter it gets, the slower it gets.

There needs to be dedicated graphics cards for your monitors and the ability to access, maintain, and efficiently use the Wi-Fi.

Take your time choosing your gaming rig because it’s a major investment that you’ll have for years. If you’re computer savvy then you can build it piece by piece, but if you’re not you can purchase complete systems. Keep in mind pre-built systems generally cost more.

Portable Gaming with a Laptop

Desktops are great unless you need something portable. Gaming laptops from Lenovo provide the punch of desktops but in a portable package. Gaming laptops have all the speed, hookups, and specifications you need for higher-level gaming, but allows you to take it anywhere.

These laptops cost more, but they are worth every penny. If you want to meet friends for a gaming session or if you want to take it to a convention or tournament to play, then a gaming laptop is the only way to go.

What’s great is you can still use all the accessories such as headset, mouse, and keyboard with a laptop if you want. Much like the gaming desktop, you’ll want to do plenty of comparing and you’re less likely to be able to build it on your own.

These Are the Gaming Gear You Need

Is there anything more exciting than playing video games on par with some of the biggest gamers in the industry? Whether you’re doing it for fun or to get subscribers on Twitch or YouTube, then you need the best gaming gear to compete.

We examined all the necessities you need to take on the best and come out ahead. It’s up to you to use them and become the greatest of all time. If you want to learn more about online gaming and the equipment needed to be a professional gamer, then explore our site.