The Best Websites To Sell Your Previous Generation Samsung Galaxy

 Sell Your Previous Generation Samsung Galaxy

Your used Samsung Galaxy device can fetch good money if you can find a good reseller to whom to offload it. The internet is full of buyers of second-hand electronics with varying needs. Some buy old devices for recycling, while others get them for the original parts. The amount you can get for your phone will depend on who you are selling it to. For this reason, you must be keen about finding the right buyer for your Galaxy S8. Where do you begin looking, though? A few platforms offer great deals for previous generation devices.

Sell My Mobile

SMM is a leading marketplace for second-hand electronics, particularly phones. Here, you will find people buying and selling different models of Samsung devices. You have many options to consider when it comes to picking a buyer, which is a plus side. Sellers can easily compare rates on the platform to find the best offers. You can also get a clue on what your 64GB S8 is worth if you are unsure. The site is easy to navigate, which allows you to locate different features in a few clicks. If you wish to get the best price guarantee or contact customer care, it’s all right there on the homepage. The search filter makes price comparison uncomplicated, even if you have never used the site before. Sellers also get tips on how they can offload their used devices. After searching for your device, you pick the best price, post it to a recycler and receive payment. Sellers can count on the authenticity of the platform, which is always a concern when selling items on the net.

Compare My Mobile

Another place where you can find buyers for your previous generation Samsung device is Compare My Mobile. It’s a sister site to SMM, so you can expect the same level of service quality. The platform is designed to help you find the best price for your unwanted mobile phone. By comparing rates from different resellers, you can easily get more money for an old Galaxy S8 device than you would by going directly to one buyer. The platform promises same-day secure payments, which makes it perfect if you are in need of quick cash. Remember, however, that payment comes after posting your device and having a recycler or reseller evaluate its value.


For years, people have sold their used and unwanted items on eBay. A big advantage of the online auction platform is the wide reach that it offers. You get buyers from across the globe. eBay introduced a price guarantee format for auctions, although it comes with certain terms. Note that sellers have to provide descriptions of the product, upload photos and offer shipping alternatives.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Instagram are making selling easy for people. The Facebook Marketplace is especially ideal for second-hand goods. However, the site comes with some limitations. The Marketplace is designed for local communities. A notable advantage of this set up is that you can easily find people you trust to buy your 64GB Galaxy S8. Although it only launched in 2016, the platform has millions of users, which speaks to its legitimacy. You can opt to sell your device through Twitter or Instagram, but you won’t have the benefit of best price guarantees as with other platforms.

Selling your Samsung Galaxy S8 is not as challenging when you know where to take it. Platforms like Sell My Mobile simplify the task of getting rid of previous generation devices. The site has resellers and recyclers who are only too happy to take old phones off their owners, at a price of course. Search for the best price for your used S8 and earn extra cash for an upgrade.