Top Ways to Make Your Product Go Global

According to Wikipedia, earth’s population reached 7.6 billion people in 2018. For the business mind, this, therefore, means there are over 4 billion (excluding infants of course) customers out there for your product. This information is great because you now know that there are people out there who are ready to buy your product provided you manage to ‘sell’ it to them. However, the challenge is how to reach these customers. Thanks to the internet, you can now make your product go global through making use of different platforms some of which are highlighted below.

Create a High-Quality Blog  

One of the proven ways in which any business can make its product go global is through creating a high-quality blog. Using this blog, a business is able to give customers an in-depth overview of its product. In addition, a blog allows the business to interact with customers, get customer feedback and incorporate when developing new products. However, the biggest advantage of creating a blog is that it helps in attracting traffic to a business. This, therefore, means customers don’t only get to know the one product which is being marketed but they also get to see all the other products that are developed by the business. Additionally, as a blog operates on the Google platform, it is likely to be credited with the authority tag by Google. Once a blog is considered an authority in a certain industry, it makes the process of attracting new customers easier and more efficient. Click here to see one such business which has leveraged the power of a blog to take its products globally.

Leverage the Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great platform to connect with friends but apart from that feature, it’s also a great platform to advertise your product so that it reaches a global audience. Facebook creates targeted ads. This, therefore, means that when creating an ad on Facebook, you can make use of metrics such as age, marital status, geographic location and interests to bring your product to the attention of the specific group you are targeting. Using this method means you actually have a higher chance of creating ads which turn leads into sales.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are people who use their knowledge in one field, their beauty or their prowess in a certain field to rake up huge followers both from their own country and also international followers. Social media influencers can be found on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook among others. As a business, you can actually connect with such influencers so that they market your product to a global audience.

Build Consumer Trust

Though you can do so much on your own, sometimes in order to effectively market your product you need your customers to do the marketing part on their own. Join reputable review sites such as Trust Pilot and Yelp. Once your business appears on such review sites, encourage your customers to share their experience of buying and using your product online. As potential customers see positive reviews about your product, they will be tempted to buy and test it on their own. The beauty of such review sites is that they are online hence global thus you can reach the global audience conveniently.