What women Want…. From Tech!

What women want from tech is to be not be treated as per the antiquated stereotypes of the past, but to be recognized for the differences they do have versus men ... photo by CC user Lady Pain on wikimedia

Since the beginnings of the high tech era, this sector of the economy has been dominated by men. With the promotion of careers in this sector being historically dominated by guys, the needs of women when creating this products has often being ignored or appealed to in a very superficial way.

Being 15 years deep into the 21st century though, us women are finally beginning to make our voices heard, with a select few companies that get it being rewarded with a high degree of financial success. How can you join them in courting the better half of the gender spectrum?

Below, I will go over below what women want from tech (and no, it isn’t another damn laptop decorated in floral prints)…

photo by CC user Garry Knight on Flickr

We want to know how it will help us

This may sound a bit stupid – after all, isn’t this what most people consider when purchasing a product? However, it has been shown that most men focus primarily on hard, quantifiable stats when it comes to gadgets – the fastest, the biggest, the deepest screen resolution, and so on.

When it comes to us ladies though, the same study reported that women take into account the entire experience they will have with a product. If a smartphone can help us slay our to-do list, connect with our kids at home before leaving work via Facetime, and help remind us that will need to pick up some bell peppers for the stir-fry that we would be making for dinner that night, we will be more likely to buy it than if it was promoted to women by merely being pink (because you know, that’s what girls go for…).

photo in the public domain via Pixabay (http://pixabay.com/p-15673/?no_redirect)

We aren’t contained within one catch-all market

This is a continuation of the last point. You can’t shrink a device by 30% and coat in dainty shades of pastel and expect 50% of the consumer market to stampede to your e-store to buy your tackily-promoted gadget. Women aren’t just women.

We are single mothers that love to go running five times per week, career-driven gals trying desperately to balance their work and home life, and single twenty somethings looking to turn the travel world upside down with their latest idea for a tour-planning app.

Esoteric examples aside, this is meant to simply illustrate that the entirety of the world of women is packed with just as many niches as in the world of men. So stop painting us all with the same broad brushstrokes.

photo by CC user totoro_zine on Flickr

We are different from men in certain ways though … find out what they are, and prosper

While we seek to be equal to our male counterparts in areas like financial compensation for work performed and in matters of social justice, we aren’t claiming that we are like men in every single way. Our bodies have different dimensions, and we conceptualize problems in ways that vary greatly from your average male.

However, with over three quarters of executive positions dominated by men, products that don’t fit us and don’t make sense to us intuitively keep getting foisted on us. They are colored pink though … nice touch, boys!

By getting more of our female compatriots into decision making roles, we can get products like Fit earbuds by Koss (which were made 30% smaller than the standard model to better fit the ear canals of your average woman) made, thus creating items that the other 50% of the consumer market actually wants to rave about to their friends.