Awesome 20 Minute Workout For Those With Limited Time

I am a huge fan of the gym, keeping my body in shape and looking as good as I possibly can. My dedication to this sees me do a 2 hour work out each day, I have a nightly face care routine, I’m always careful with what I put in my body and I have even undergone some treatments for younger looking skin, check out the Sono Bello reviews, my local clinic, to see what incredible treatments that they offer.

In spite of all of the work that I put in, it is without doubt the exercise which plays the biggest role in what I do and there are so many people I know who don’t go to the gym because they say that they don’t have time. I don’t believe that time is a sufficient excuse and to prove that, here is a 20 minute workout which will keep you in shape.

The Process

The idea of the workout is to blend cardio with strengthening exercises so that you can speed up your heart rate and burn fat whilst you are working out your small and large muscle groups. The idea of the workout will be 4 sets of cardio for one minute and a half interspersed with 4 sets of strengthening at 2 minutes each.

The Workout

Here is the workout which you will look to achieve, make sure that you don’t take breaks, it is after all just 20 minutes.

Star Jumps – Jumping with legs spread and arms up in a star shape

Press-Ups – Two minutes of press-ups, take your time and do as many as possible in the two minutes, if you find it difficult, place your knees on the ground and do a half press-up until you have built up the strength to do a full one.

Butt Kicks – Running on the spot and ensuring that the heel of your foot hits your butt with each step.

Sit-Ups – Lay on your back, hands on your ears and knees bent, slowly lift the torso up using only your abs, not your neck.

Squat Punches – Squat down as far as you can go, keeping abs tight and thighs strong, punch straight ahead of you with both hands for the full minute and a half.

Side Lunges – Stand with your legs waist-width apart, slowly squat and slide to the left and then do the same with the right, use weights on your hands and lift them in front of you if you have some.

Skipping Rope – Basically imagine that you have a skipping rope in your hands and complete a skipping exercise, jumping nice and high.

Bicycle Crunches – Lay on your back in the sit-up position, bring your knees to a 90 degree angle and imagine you have an imaginary bike, push one leg out as you crunch to your left and then the alternate e.g. out as you crunch to your right.

Make sure that you do a 3 minute warm up and a 3 minute warm down before and after your session.