What to Look For In An Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have had an accident or injury that was caused as a result of something that someone else has done then you should seek legal assistance. Taking legal action is not just about wining money or bringing about justice, it is also about ensuring that the same thing does not happen to somebody else in the future and in reality it is your civic duty to do so. Finding the right attorney is crucial to your chances of success and today I am going to give you some things that you need to consider when searching for the right attorney for your case.


As simple as it sounds, it is worth considering the location of your attorney’s offices and ensuring that you find a legal firm that is within close proximity to where you live. I made a great choice last year when I went through this situation and the offices of Christensen Hymas were super close to my home. There are many appointments and meetings which you’ll need to go to so location really is key.


When you first meet with an attorney it is important that you can see that they are not just looking at your case based on the nuts and bolts, but also that they have compassion towards your situation. I met with several lawyers who simply didn’t show the level of compassion that I was looking for and I felt that it was important to feel as comfortable as possible with my attorney of choice. If you are meeting with law firms, make sure that they care about what happened to you on a basic human level.


The law firm’s reputation is highly important when selecting who will take charge of your case and you should do plenty of research before selecting to ensure that they are highly regarded. There are many law firms out there who will promise the world but have a reputation of non-delivery and you must make sure that you keep any cowboys out of the running for who will take over your case.

Practice Focus

Attorneys can be a Jack of all trades but it is far better to decide upon an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. For this reason you should check to see what the main focus of the law firm is before deciding upon whether or not they are the right fit for you. Picking a specialist will give you a far greater chance of success and of having an attorney who understands your needs.

Record of Wins

And finally one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is to find an attorney with a strong record of success. If you plan on putting yourself through these legal proceedings then you will need to have confidence in the professionals who are in charge of your case that they can win it on your behalf. You can find out this information directly from the law firm or from a small bit of research online.

Make sure that before you decide on an attorney, that you have considered all of these options first.