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The advertising industry: An ever-changing landscape

If there was ever an example of one industry not standing still, advertising is bang on the money. This is a market which moves at a faster pace than most around and means, if you look back through time, some of the changes and advancements have been extraordinary. For example, at the start of the career of Jonathan Disegi, things were certainly very different

Different Digital Marketing Methods for Your Business

The World of marketing has changed drastically in recent years thanks to the birth of the internet, in the past the only advertising that small businesses could afford to make were those in local radio ads or newspapers and things like flyers and banners. There was nothing wrong with these methods but when it came to reaching large amounts of people they were

What women Want…. From Tech!

Since the beginnings of the high tech era, this sector of the economy has been dominated by men. With the promotion of careers in this sector being historically dominated by guys, the needs of women when creating this products has often being ignored or appealed to in a very superficial way. Being 15 years deep into the 21st century though, us women are finally