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Title: Female Heroes Rise In Gaming

The connection between girls and gaming has been written about quite a bit in the past year or two. Numerous mainstream articles have cited statistics that indicate gaming populations are as much or more female than male, and slowly but surely the popular image of "gamers" exclusively as young men is beginning to shift. Along with this shift, there's been Read more [...]

Take Your Favorite Game On The Road With DirecTV Sunday Ticket

With the NFL draft in the books, and offseason activities in full swing, the next thing fans will be gearing up for is the start of training camps, and the regular season shortly after that. The game is as popular as ever, and fans want to be able to watch their favorite teams, and stay updated from their fantasy teams from everywhere. We can’t always Read more [...]

What to look for in a sports betting app

Betting used to be something that was, in a way, a bit of a closed shop. Anyone could go to a bookie’s to put a bet on, but because of the necessity of knowing what to do and where to go to place a bet, there were probably millions of people who just thought that it wasn’t worth the bother. Today, things are very different and the fact that you can bet Read more [...]

Why Women Gamers Are Better Online Bettors

Like in pretty much every other corner of the digital marketplace, online sports betting is seeing a significant rise in female clientele. Recent studies have shown that the total number of women gambling online has quadrupled since 2007, with the last year alone seeing an increase of almost 20%. This rise, along with other demographic shifts, means that Read more [...]