The challenges that you can face when heading in to career in computing

A career in computing is a path to prosperity in the 21st century ... Photo by CC user Ksarasola on wikimedia commons

Choosing a career in computing is becoming a popular choice for women because there are so many opportunities and options becoming available. Due to the onward march of technology and the way in which it is affecting our daily lives to a far greater extent than ever before, your chance to work in various roles in the world of computing is now an achievable reality.


Even though opportunities abound, someone who wants to become employed in a job working with computers can face some serious challenges. One of these can be proving that you have the skills needed, and that is why some type of formal education or qualification can be an important aspect to have on your CV. Various levels of training can be suitable, depending on the area that you want to specialize in or the market sector that you visualize becoming involved with. Sometimes, ‘on the job’ training can be provided, which can help build on basic skills and help you get valuable work experience and earn some money as you learn.

Commercial work

Businesses are now almost certain to be reliant on some type of computer-aided process for their day-to-day activities. Whether this simply means communications tech, accountancy work or data collection and management, most firms that are trading commercially will require a robust set of systems. For outfits that are more specialized, entire production capabilities may be computerized and the health of the company could be almost entirely dependent on how well the systems operate.

High demand

High demand for skilled workers means that the opportunities are out there, but it also means that the job marketplace can sometimes be crowded and difficult to navigate. Having a certain amount of flexibility can help you stand out from the crowd, and it can offer you a way of working that gives a much better life/job balance. This is why many people who work in computing, whether it is as software designers, IT systems professionals or emergency call-out engineers, are choosing to work on a freelance or contractor basis. By using an umbrella company, people who work for themselves can take advantage of a third-party set up that can help with everything from invoicing, dealing with taxation matters and even sourcing work opportunities.

A career in computing: your best move

One of the most important things that choosing a career in computing gives you is the knowledge that you are working in a sector that is certain to expand rather than contract. The way in which technology is increasingly integrating processes and intelligent systems means that someone who has the skills to immerse themselves in the sector will always find work. From the Internet of Things through to an ever-growing reliance on personal tech to navigate the modern world, both businesses and end consumers will increasingly need to call on the talents of those who work in the industry to make sure everything continues to run smoothly.