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Tips for Supporting Your New College Student

Having a child move into college can be a daunting but extremely exciting moment. College is the time when your child starts to understand how to be on their own, which can be difficult and exciting for a parent. How do you provide the right amount of support for your child while also offering opportunities to grow and change? Here are a few ways you can support

How Being a University Professor Will Reward You

Within my job I spend a great deal of time traveling from school t o school, speaking to the students about what they are looking for in a career. Usually the answers to this question are power and money but there are a lot of people who simply look for real rewards when it comes to their career choice. Today I wanted to look into this aspect of being a university

Want to be a Better Football Player? Here’s How

Whether you have dreams of one day becoming a starting quarterback for an NFL outfit, teaching college football or simply want to become a better football player, there are many things which you can do to improve your footling abilities. Being a great football player is not just about natural ability and there are many people like my buddy Mack Prioleau, who

Why Engineering is Such a Great Career Choice

Engineers like V Reddy Kancharla are the ultimate creators who shape the world in which we live,  engineering is also one of the most popular majors amongst students in the United States and today we are going to look at just some of the reasons why engineering, as a career, is such a great profession to choose. Stability One thing which many people

Scotland: A Valuable Destination for Work Experience

scotland Are you tired waiting for opportunities for a good work? Why wait when Scotland is calling? Scotland is a land of opportunity where it is possible to achieve a great quality of life. Because Scotland has a strong economic status, there is a plethora of jobs available for anyone who is willing to work. The Scots believe in working to live and not live to work.