Why Engineering is Such a Great Career Choice

Engineers like V Reddy Kancharla are the ultimate creators who shape the world in which we live,  engineering is also one of the most popular majors amongst students in the United States and today we are going to look at just some of the reasons why engineering, as a career, is such a great profession to choose.


One thing which many people will look for in a career is stability and engineering is amongst some of the very best careers when it comes to job retention and low turnover of staff. The reason why engineering companies consistently maintain strong staffing levels is because creative industries very rarely have their wings clipped, there are always new things required and always a need for invention in the world.

Problem Solving

Humankind is constantly on the lookout for solutions to the problems with which we are faced and for that reason, engineers are extremely necessary. Whether we are looking to build bridges to cross rivers, inventing applications to help us connect to our friends or seeking to cure illnesses, this profession is vital to the future of the world and for that reason engineers are highly respected and often very well paid.


Some of the world’s greatest inventions have come about by chance as we seek to solve a particular problem. NASA is a great example of this and their engineers constantly add value to the world thanks to a fortunate by-product of their research into solving their problems.


Engineering, in all of its forms is a highly interesting career choice that will provide something new and different almost every day. One of the biggest complaints which people have about their careers is that they become monotonous after some time, this is a characteristic which is not shared by engineers.

Wide Ranging

The various branches of engineering cover almost every industry which makes it a high accessible career for a range of talents and skills. From aerospace engineering to chemical engineering, civil engineering to computer engineering and everything in between, you can become an engineer in almost any industry where your talent lies. Whilst there are many skills which are transferrable amongst the many branches of engineering, the key lies within your specialization.


Unlike careers such as law, engineering is very much a global career choice which allows you to work anywhere in the world. Whether you are working on an environmental project in Zambia, an architectural project in Rio or a chemical project in Scotland, this job choice gives you the opportunity to travel and interact with the world.  The beauty of engineering is that whilst it is global and does give you the chance to travel, this is not a prerequisite and such is the level of engineering which exists throughout the world, you will find many companies in your specialization, right on your doorstep.