Keep a Healthy Online Reputation for Your Job Hunt

A Healthy Online Reputation can make it easier to get the job

Photo by CC user cogdog on Flickr

How is your present job hunt going?

If you are like many prospective employees, you are all over the Internet job ads, not to mention checking those out in newspapers and other periodicals. You are probably also following up on some word-of-mouth recommendations you got from friends or family.

Whether you are presently employed (though looking for another opportunity out there) or unemployed and looking for work, the search can seem not only challenging, but downright frustrating at times.

For starters, you have countless other individuals out there looking for work too. Throw in the fact that many businesses have either laid employees off recently and/or have a hiring freeze at the moment, you are left with few avenues to turn to in order to find a decent paying job.

What can make matters even more difficult is dealing with an online reputation that may be less than stellar.

Wait, you forgot to think about what you said and/or what others are saying about you online?

In the event that is the case, it is certainly the right time to establish a healthy online reputation by looking to see if there is anything out there that will be a red flag for prospective employers.

Getting Your Resume in Order

When you are searching for another job, your resume proves critical in helping you land a position.

If you have a resume that is full of holes, looks unprofessionally done, and does not truly highlight what you are all about, your prospects for finding work can be slim to none.

In order to change that impression, working with a professional resume writing service is certainly beneficial to you.

For starters, such a service has the experience and know-how to craft a resume that will highlight all you potentially have to offer a company.

From your most recent relevant job experience to the skillset you can offer, it is important that your resume stands out when it comes across the desks of business owners and/or human resource individuals.

One area where you do not want to stand out is having a bad online reputation.

So, how did you go about getting such a reputation in the first place?

In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever that your online reputation be as clean as possible.

Some of the areas to avoid:


  • Speaking badly of others – Whether it is a current or former boss or other employee, never take to online sites (especially social media) to speak badly of other individuals and/or companies. A prospective employer will look at this as a major red flag, even if you felt like you had a valid reason for venting. Take the high road and save such comments for personal conversations with family or friends, not on the Internet where millions of people will have access to it. Also avoid such conversations in instant message situations, given the fact you never know if someone could successfully hack into your account or accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

  • Posting questionable photos – While just about everyone likes to have a good time, using the Internet to post your pictures of being inebriated or worse is not a good idea. While some companies may approach the pictures as you were just having a good time (no harm, no foul), others will see it as part of your character. Always use your best judgment (would you want your mother to see this image?) before posting it online.

  • Affiliating with the wrong groups or individuals – Lastly, those you associate with online (especially social networking sites) may or may not be close to you, but some prospective employers may make the connection anyhow. Once again, play it safe and watch which people/groups you decide to friend and/or follow on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even if it is an innocent matter, it just takes that one wrong impression to doom you in your job search.


When you put together a well-written resume and an online reputation that is as clean as can be, you greatly enhance your chances of landing the job you truly want.

It isn’t rocket science, so make sure you’re practicing smart online habits all the time.