The best places in the world to vacation with fast wi-fi

The best places in the world to vacation with fast wi-fi combine work and play in a tantalizing way ... photo by CC user Giorgio Montersino on Flickr

Ever since you freed yourself from the ball and chain of working for a location dependent business, you’ve been eagerly looking for a travel destination that will support your new lifestyle.

However, you have been so busy with freelance work lately, that you haven’t been able to find the time to plot out your first adventure away from home.

Luxury travel planners like eShores,, are experienced in constructing tailor-made itineraries for busy professionals, so if you are a digital nomad getting trounced by work projects, you can still keep your travel plans moving forward by outsourcing the logistics to the pros.

With that in mind, let’s go over some of the best places in the world to vacation with fast wi-fi…

1) Thailand

Thailand: the value holiday destination that has it all. With one of the world’s top cuisines, some of its finest beaches, and friendly folk whose hospitality will break down social barriers between you and them within seconds of meeting, this Southeast Asian nation deserves all the accolades that it receives.

While there are countries in the region that have faster wi-fi than the Land of Smiles, speeds are still quite reasonable, and network stability in most places allows you to work uninterrupted until completion.

This allows you to finish your work in record time so you can go have Pad Thai for lunch, spend the afternoon at the beach, and then end with a foot massage as the sun sinks lazily into the horizon. We don’t know about you, but you can sign us up for that holiday anytime!

2) Mexico

If you’d rather not spend 15 hours on a plane to get to the other end of the world, another sweet holiday hot spot for digital nomads lies within a much shorter flight.

Mexico is the nation that we are talking about, as it is also home to a cuisine of which foreigners can’t get enough, as its street tacos, enchiladas, and sopas offer a flavorful experience for hard working location independent professionals for an unbeatable price.

Being such a massive country, the amount of environments where one can base themselves is quite diverse, as you can make a home for yourself in the brisk mountains, sunshine-filled desert outposts, or in fishing villages with excellent surf breaks.

It even has a frontage on the Caribbean Sea, with environments ranging from full-service centres with top of the line internet (Cancun and Playa del Carmen), to isolated Mayan villages where you can still bang out work with the assistance of 3G and 4G tethered connections (Punta Allen, Akumal, etc).

3) Malta

If you’re feeling like spending some time in Europe this year, there are many places you can go without having to worry about bankrupting your bank account.

Many spots in Eastern and Southern Europe fit this description nicely, and there is nowhere hotter in the region these days than the island nation of Malta.

Located halfway between Italy and the coast of North Africa, this strategically important isle is filled with churches, fortresses, and other restructure of varying architectural styles dating back to the time before recorded history.

Despite its small stature and relatively remote location, the internet infrastructure here is top-notch, making it among one of the top choices for a digital nomad getaway in Europe.