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4 Key Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers

We all love good music when we are out with friends, at work, or even when we are just alone at the house. There is something about listening to Lady Gaga or even Pentatonix at a really high volume that gets you going in the morning. But it really is a little useless if your headphones are producing really dull tones, it does not justify the upbeat music

Wearables We Can’t Wait to Get Our Hands On in 2017

If you are a dedicated gadget-watcher like Michael Thomas Eckhardt, you are probably already on-call for the latest entries in the never-dull gadget market for 2017.  Something we always like to keep an eye on are developments in the wearable category.  In addition to updates and new entries in the traditional wrist-worn fitness tracker category, there are

Digital Flipbooks – A New Principle in Creative Design

Creativity is the one thing that can make your documents stand out, and it's often an important factor in keeping readers interested from start to finish. Today's documents and presentations take advantage of HTML5 to add graphics, animation and web-friendly formatting. Specifically, they're using the digital flipbook format, which has an advantage over traditional

Put Technology in Play for Your Business

How successful do you feel your business is these days? If you think that things could be better, where exactly should you start making some improvements? For starters, you may be lagging behind when it comes to technology. In today’s business world, it is all but impossible to run a successful company without embracing technology to some degree. With

Can technology be bad for your health?

Technology makes your life much easier, right? Does it also make being healthy easier? It tells you how many steps you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, and the nutritional value of your daily dietary choices. However, the larger use of technology, including at work and leisure, may actually be bad for your health. Can technology be bad for

Finding out the Truth About The Robot Revolution

Robots, believe it or not they have now become an integral part of our lives, in the home, in the workplace and in all aspects of our society. The idea of robots conjures up images of mechanical  armies of human-looking superbots but the way the look and the way the operate in today’s world are in fact far less ‘Hollywood’. Advancements in robot technology

Cutting The Cord – Change to a SIP Line for Phone Calls!

As technology evolves it is up to us to find a way to make best use of these advancements for businesses and schools. While the obvious benefit of working these developments into an existing business or educational facility is improved services, cost is also something that can be affected too (and in the good way I might add!). Here are some benefits of using