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Al Hartman Looks at Whether a REIT Investment Is Right for You

For a very long time, people who wanted to invest in stocks would find that they required a lot of highly specialized knowledge. They would work with brokers, but would need to determine just how trustworthy those brokers were, and then make decision based on that. This all changed when mutual funds started to be developed, something that Al Hartman has long Read more [...]

Larry Polhill Addresses the Myths in Commercial Real Estate

There are a lot of things that people don't properly understand when it comes to commercial real estate (CRE) as a market. Larry Polhill, the previous director of APFC, has decided that it is time to change this. He wants to provide the information that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) often does not provide investors with. Essentially, however, as Read more [...]

3 Types of Common Workplace Injuries

Most people spend a large chunk of their time at work. According to a Gallup poll, full-time employees in the U.S. work 47 hours per week on average—almost a full day more than what’s considered the “typical” 40-hour workweek. With so much time spent at our places of employment, there’s always the risk of sustaining an injury on the job. Companies Read more [...]

6 Reasons Cloud ERP Makes Practical Business Sense

Many people in the business world have at least heard of enterprise resource planning (ERP). If you own or manage a company, you’ve probably know a bit about the benefits of ERP and its newer iteration, cloud ERP. Here are six reasons cloud ERP makes practical business sense. Cloud ERP Doesn’t Require as Much Initial Investment In the past, operating Read more [...]

Best Practices for Working from Home: What You should Remember

More and more entrepreneurs are working remotely – away from the traditional office, either at home, in a coffee shop, or another place they find more suitable. The same is true for freelancers and office employees of both the private and even the public sectors. Working remotely offers many advantages for the employees as well as the employers, and it’s Read more [...]