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Avoid Leaving Your Business a Sitting Duck

As you sit back and reflect for a moment on your company’s success up to this point and time, would you consider yourself lucky? That luck would be referring to the fact that you have not suffered a data breach up to now. For those businesses having dealt with such major issues like identity theft, data breaches etc. the damage can turn up on several Read more [...]

Cloud Computing: can it open doors to the IT world for women?

  There's a significant gender gap in the IT world, but that could soon change. Enter: cloud computing, or what is commonly known as the ‘cloud’. What is cloud computing exactly? It is what makes it possible for you to sync your data and information using iCloud on your iPhone and computer, plus able to use and access this information anytime, Read more [...]

Help for the Ladies

Ladies, are you short on time? Who of us is not? Responsibilities flood each of us as the morning sun draws up. It could be parental, career, hubby “honey do” lists for dinner, housecleaning, or a combination of the aforementioned. Apps are all the rage in society today. Geez, 10 years ago we were just getting use to cell phone technology! Nowadays, we Read more [...]

DIY Cybercrime Tool Kit: 4 Reasons Hackers Don’t Have to be Sophisticants

Popular culture often portrays computer hackers as either teen programming prodigies who break into computer systems for their own entertainment or loner savants who are bent on gaining personal revenge against systems that have belittled their intelligence. The modern reality is that computer hacking has devolved away from sophisticated programming and into Read more [...]

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Online Business with E-Commerce Software

If you have recently become the owner of a new small business, it's time for you to take things to the next level. The way to do this is to establish your own official company site on the web. Even if you have already been in business on the web for quite some time, it may still be an excellent idea to take a look at the latest software features. This is Read more [...]