Help for the Ladies

Ladies, are you short on time? Who of us is not? Responsibilities flood each of us as the morning sun draws up. It could be parental, career, hubby “honey do” lists for dinner, housecleaning, or a combination of the aforementioned.

Apps are all the rage in society today. Geez, 10 years ago we were just getting use to cell phone technology! Nowadays, we can pull our phone out of our purse or pocket and “flag down” an Uber driver.

Particular to us ladies, there are 2 apps available that can assist us in our hectic lifestyles. The area of interest for both of these apps is medical, and they have proven their merit for many already.

Before we dive into these apps, we will look at a way to protect your smartphone screen. No, this will not be a sales pitch for a new screen protector or case. We will look at a helpful way to protect your hands without using gloves, so you do not transfer those harmful chemicals to your smartphone screen.

Clean Fingers for Your Phone Screen

Manicures and pedicures, it is our special treat to ourselves. Are you interested in helping protect your hands from unnecessary damage without the use of rubber gloves? Do you have a knack for the “do-it-yourself” mindset?

Having already ruined one smartphone by not properly protecting my hands, and subsequently cleaning them before I tapped away, I set out to find a plausible solution, one that would protect my hands and virtually eliminate the transfer of harmful chemicals to my phone.

Finding a non-toxic invisible glove cream was challenging at first, but once I searched long enough, viable options appeared. These options to rubber gloves are designed to repeal some of the toughest chemicals, and in some cases, are used in the aircraft industry.

Get a “Clue”

The patterns in a menstrual cycle can be difficult to predict. It sure would be helpful to have a way to track, over time, your period, ovulation, fertility, and PMS, wouldn’t it? Using science and data collection, an app is now available to assist with these personal issues.

Birth Control at Your Fingertips

There are times when birth control is needed quickly. Circumstances warrant heightened action, and unfortunately getting in to see your primary care doctor can be a time-consuming exercise in patience.

By downloading an app that is HIPAA compliant, you can be certain that your information’s security is of utmost concern. You can then follow through with a few simple directions and have your birth control delivered to you in a timely fashion.

This type of app can be especially beneficial for those of us who have teenage daughters. While the subject matter, in relevance to this demographic, is controversial at best, we find it helpful to at the least bring awareness.
Technology is your friend. It’s sad that so many of us choose to hold on to the “old ways” of doing things. Try not to let the fear of the unknown keep you from experiencing what this life has to offer.