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Are Your Writing Skills Preventing You From Winning Clients?

If you want your business to grow, building your customer base is essential. Although online marketing tactics will help you to attract prospects, there will come a time where you need to directly sell your business to a client through either a face to face meeting or a bid. When you make a formal bid, you will be putting why your business should win the

Tech to the Rescue: Top Tips and Tools for Today’s Writers

Having the right habits and software at your disposal can set you above the competition. It can be hard to know where to start with so much variety available in software and apps on the one hand and writing and interviewing techniques on the other. Here is a primer on some of the options available. Writing Software There’s great software available

Keep a Healthy Online Reputation for Your Job Hunt

How is your present job hunt going? If you are like many prospective employees, you are all over the Internet job ads, not to mention checking those out in newspapers and other periodicals. You are probably also following up on some word-of-mouth recommendations you got from friends or family. Whether you are presently employed (though looking for another

How to Make Money Freelancing Online

Getting nervous in your office job these days? We don't blame you. The Great Recession uncovered the willingness of many employers to shed skilled employees for cheaper equivalents overseas, leaving many scrambling to find ways to generate more capital in the brave new world that we find ourselves in these days. While corporate job security is a thing of the