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Hipmunk Hotels: Adventures in Rosemont, Peoria, and other Midwest Destinations

igg_cinohiskylin Photo by CC user Wing on wikimedia commons. Considering making a trip to the Midwest? If so, be sure to visit cities such as Rosemont, Peoria, Rockford, Cincinnati, and Columbus - each of these destinations offers something new and exciting to every type of traveler. Come see for yourself! Rosemont, Illinois When traveling to Rosemont, you’ll not only Read more [...]

Hungry in Greece?

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Hipmunk Hotels: Where to Go During Your California Vacation

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The end of traditional dating values

igg_dattravaldea To find out how dating has changed over the last 50 years, My Voucher Codes surveyed young people in the UK to find out how they felt about the traditional dating values and whether courtship between couples was the same now as it was in the past. They found, 52% of men and 58% of women did not think that traditional values of courtship between couples Read more [...]

Hipmunk Hotels: Best Places to Stay in the Midwest

prairie-678495_640 The Midwestern United States is home to some of the friendliest people around; and the charming population here will make you want to stay forever.  When you travel to Kansas City, Bloomington, Des Moines, Champaign, or Indianapolis, you’ll experience this friendliness firsthand, as well as the popular sites offered by each of these cities. You’ll be even Read more [...]